Spending more time at home with an aging loved one?

Clearday at Home™ is a new kind of in-home, digital care service that creates days you can both look forward to. Sign up now for early access to our community.

For your loved one

An integrated set of online activities that make your
loved one’s day more healthy, social, and uplifting.

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Making new friends in our online member community

Clearday at Home™️ connects both you and your loved one to others with similar experiences and challenges. Find support, laughs, and community through shared activities, discussions, and celebrations.

Connecting through bingo, karaoke, & guided reminiscing

Set your loved one up online with their friends, and join in when you like, for Clearday at Home™️ social group activities. Each day’s calendar is curated by cognitive care specialists.

Finding cognitive and creative outlets, on-demand

Facilitate mental engagement and creativity when inspiration strikes. The member portal will offer curated puzzles & games suited to your loved one, guided making courses, and rich artistic explorations.

Promoting wellness with exercises, stretching, and strength training

Inspire your loved one to rejuvenate and increase their capacity for physical activity with tailored exercise courses. Select a Clearday at Home™️ designed regimen, or design your own flexible program.

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For you, the caregiver

We help you make your loved one’s day a good one, while making sure you’re cared for, too.


An always-available resource that brings positive, structured engagement to your loved one’s day


Reduces stress of supporting key daily needs like healthy eating and taking medication


Video calls with professional counselors, who can help you navigate your loved one’s care journey


Virtual support groups with other caregivers who understand your situation


Useful training content that helps you feel more confident in supporting your loved one’s daily needs

A new model

A care service tuned to the way families live & love in a fast-changing world

Affordable monthly or annual subscriptions.
Accessible from in-home and mobile devices.
The support you need, when you need it.
Engagement & human connection, safely at home.
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We are currently inviting a limited number of families to our community. Register your interest to join the list for early access.

We’re Building the Future of Longevity Care and Wellness

We have a modern, hopeful vision for making high-quality longevity care more accessible, affordable, and empowering for older Americans and those who love them. And we’ve built the team to make it happen.